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Ways to Improve Open Rates

Question asked by 84152446f6cc3a17b7ed36703ed3c3ccc9485420 on Feb 13, 2017

Recently we've noticed our open rates flat lining. Meaning, every month we add to our database, but the amount of opens we receive remains the same. We continue to subject line test, but the same subject line always wins. We're changing up our send times to try to better align with our audience.


I'm curious if anyone else has made other adjustments that have improved their open rates? Updating alt tags? What about staggered sends? Small changes to subject lines?


To add to that, has anyone send a huge amount of growth with segmenting by time zone/location and sending based on that? If so, what did you find? Is it worth the time/resources to build out the segments?


Any suggestions are welcome!


Thanks so much!