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Controlling fields & restricted picklists in SFDC

Question asked by f3146e706ae46376af20bad7a81f69d10f22222b on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by sanford.whiteman

Hello Community,


Our lead assignment rules in SFDC are powered by specific values in a picklist field. We are also running alerts on contacts with the same data. Our SFDC Admin team has just has enabled restriction to the picklist values in those fields, so that we are notified in Marketo when the data isn't correct, and can fix it before it passes for assignment / alert. We are running into an issue where we cannot pass the values to the contact record, as somehow "\n" is appended to the value when we update them in Marketo, and then rejected by SFDC due to a mismatch with the restricted values. The lead data updates are working fine. Has anyone ever seen a similar issue?


For reference, the restricted picklist field on the contact record has a controlling field, whereas the lead does not.


Any insights would be helpful!