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Abandoned basket program "trigger problems"

Question asked by 9b7e2f3e8c9a04b87281bf7fef13cbb58b32e058 on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by janet-test

Hi all,


I have created a campaign in Marketo which sends out abandoned basket emails to customers who receive items in a custom object.


Each item in the "Abandoned basket" custom object a single item and I have used velocity to pull through all the CO items which match the same day they were sent. At the moment, the smart campaign triggers the email every time something is added to the custom object. Due to one item being a single object in the custom object, if someone has 3 items in their basket, it sends three emails.


Is there a way I can get it to "wait" for the data to be inputted via the API into the custom object and then only send one email?


The ideal situation would be using the filter not trigger and looking for items added within the last hour, the only problem with this is there is no way to schedule the campaign every hour as the options are days, weeks or months.


I am a bit stuck as we wanted individual rows so it could be dynamic (depending how many items they actually have) but this messes with the way Marketo triggers work.