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Marketo not tracking "clicks link on web page" activity for about 10-15% of leads

Question asked by dan.stevens Champion on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by sanford.whiteman

We're hosting an event next week and noticed that there were five people that "accepted" an RSVP invite weren't listed among the 40 leads that are members of the event program.  These are the two buttons/links that are contained on the main RSVP page:


This is the trigger that we used to move people into the program status of "accepted" in the program (the blurred out URL is the URL of the ACCEPT button, without the "https://":



5 of the 45 leads never qualified for the trigger campaign since the highlighted "click link" activity was missing from their activity log:


The only way to get to the "rsvp-accept" page would be to click on the link within the main RSVP page.  So those users' activity log looks like this:



Notice the highlighted "Click Link" activity is missing.  Any thought as to what could be going on here?  These are all Marketo LPs.  Now we're wondering if this is something that's happening across all of our event programs.


Sanford Whiteman