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Engagement Programs - By Persona or Campaign?

Question asked by 1ff938cddaf0fa01cf5a9993929cd1628480c83a on Feb 9, 2017
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I'm looking to develop our first engagement programs in the next 30-60 days (yay!). I'm currently debating if I should organize programs around persona or campaign/theme. As a use case for what I mean, if your personas were moms and dads and your campaigns were the "minivans are practical" and "minivans are cost effective", would it be wiser to organize your engagement programs by moms v dads or practicality v cost effectiveness? I feel like my data better allows me to organize by persona but that campaign theme may be more strategic. I'm pretty sure I want the streams to be based on the buyers journey but if someone has another recommendation, I'm interested to hear it. Thanks for your thoughts!