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      What type of content is your highest performing? I'd look at this in both converting to sales but I am more specifically thinking about actually being consumed. I find myself as a consumer am far more likely to fill out a form for a 3rd party written white paper than a video of the CEO telling me why I want their product. I am working on some campaigns and I just don't have the data points to really examine what format of content is high performing.


      I have a feeling industry and audience are going to play a factor, so if you could list those in your responses it would be awesome.

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          Hey Chris, we're in the disaster recovery and business continuity market, and we're mostly targeting MSPs as all of our business goes through the channel. We find that the content that's most useful is educational, and the type of stuff that they can utilize to increase their own business. We've created a whole series of ebooks, videos, webinars, etc called The MSPeasy Guide to... which has done very well for us.


          But, to the point of converting to sales, we know that our prospects need to consume multiple pieces of content, content programs are not best at generating new names for us, and the majority of our new buying partners close because of a piece of content.


          It's smart to look at all of these things! Good luck!

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            Our best performing content are newsworthy items written by our own editors which are gated on our website and are mixed with other free content.  Our readers can either do a trial subscription or purchase on the spot.  Our content are delivered daily via email to our subscribers so if there's a story that they want to access for which they are not a paid subscriber, they have to do one of the 2 above.  It's great for upsell and cross-sell of our other products.

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