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Tracking Email Conversions

Question asked by 9d286d6b9112d1223f9db15fda3fbae90cbf77fb on Feb 9, 2017
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What are other members of the community doing to track conversions (form fills) for each specific email?


For some context, I am trying to do a better job tracking email conversions using statuses within my email programs. One thing I am trying to figure out is, what is the best filter/set-up to use in order to be able to report on email conversions.


The logic I am using is that a form fill equals a conversion. Since people can fill out forms anywhere, I know that just using the logic "fills out any form" equals status update/program conversion will not give me accurate results. I want to know that the form filled out is the one specifically referenced in my email.


Is the only way to accomplish this to use very specific logic on each program -- such as "clicked link in "email A", and within 10 minutes filled out "Form B" on "Landing Page C"? Or is there a less granular logic I can build in my master email template and more easily extend it to all other email programs?

Any insights are appreciated! What are you all doing to track conversions (form fills) for each specific email?