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Having a problem linking to a 3rd party PDF file

Question asked by d616ab8d44dd6cf5de948396b223ba89a4ac1e5e on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by d616ab8d44dd6cf5de948396b223ba89a4ac1e5e

Okay, so a partner of ours has a PDF hosted on their website. The direct link they provided, when clicked on or entered in the browser, prompts the browser to automatically start downloading the PDF.


I inserted the direct link into MKTO and clicked on it in the email preview, it worked fine.


I then sent myself a test, but this time when I click the direct PDF link I get sent to a "page not found". I think it's because MKTO uses a redirect link or something, so instead of being able to directly download the file the user is being sent to a dead page.


Unfortunately, our partner (as of now) won't let us host the file directly in MKTO, so that's isn't a solution.


I tried unchecking the "track this link in mkto" option but that didn't do anything.


Anyone know any workarounds on how to make this work?


Our backup solution is sending the user to another LP on our domain with a direct link to the PDF file, but we would rather the link be in the email if possible.