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Tactics for suspending people in engagement program - except when you want to send emails in the stream

Question asked by f35d7a26648549078d6d18a1424a9ecb52f38bf1 on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by f35d7a26648549078d6d18a1424a9ecb52f38bf1

For years I've used a tactic of suspending members of an engagement program so they can't receive emails other than the ones in the engagement program stream I put them into. When it's time to send the next engagement stream email, let's say 10 am on Tuesday, I run a smart campaign at 9:30 am to unsuspend these individuals send the email at 10 and then suspend them again at 10:30 am - see attached. In other words I'm creating a 1 hour window in which they can get non-operational emails. Marketo's made a lot of advancements in the past few years since I adopted this approach. Is there any more elegant way to accomplish this objective?