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Has anyone worked with Commission Junction?

Question asked by e090d10ea5933a10d3a9f2e50808f419cb2340eb Champion on Feb 5, 2017
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My demand gen team wants to start working with this company CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), they asked me to talk to their technical team about how to track leads they will be sending to us in Marketo.


So I got on the call with them and a few minutes in I had a feeling that something is off, I asked them if they worked with Marketo customers before and they asked me "What is Marketo?"


My demand gen folks insist that we try to make it work, but we keep walking in circles with their tech people, they have no idea how Marketo works and I haven't been able yet to decipher what they need from us and translate it into Marketo-speak.


For example, they keep saying that every time someone comes from their link and submits a form on our website we need to send them an OID. I assumed they mean either a lead ID, as lead id is the unique identifier in the Marketo database, or a tracking parameter from their link that we should capture on Marketo form; I asked them if either one of these is what they need and they said they were not sure


It's getting frustrating at this point, so if you worked with these guys, please let me know how you set it up in Marketo


Funny thing is they seem to be using Marketo themselves US Affiliate Form - 2016 Marketo Step 1 | CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction)