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Unsubscribes are not being truly reflected in reporting

Question asked by 899e7654846abed1d08b3e98cfff32ab9447a1a9 on Feb 5, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by 899e7654846abed1d08b3e98cfff32ab9447a1a9

The Marketo email performance report and email insights (and potentially others) are not truly reflecting the unsubscribes. 



It seems like the only unsubscribes that are reflected are the unsubscribes from email - and are not factoring in those that have filled out/submitted the global unsubscribe form.  I've noticed a significant gap (i., email performance report shows 9 Unsubscribes yet when I run a smart list on those that received the email and submmitted the form there are significantly more. Also in earlier emails before I used the {{system.unsubscribeLink}} system unsubscribe token and linked directly to our Marketo page the numbers were significantly higher as I could run a smart list for delivered the email and viewed our unsubscribe page.


Right now I'm having to run smart lists for unsubscribes that incorporates "delivered the email" and "filled out the global unsubscribe form - and then manually adjust the numbers before I send it to my stakeholders so that the true unsubscribe counts are reflected.  This is a lot of extra work on my part and I can't count on Marketo to subscribe them to the email performance report.


I would really like to see this issue resolved - can Marketo adjust the logic/algorihm so that the unsubscribed count is adjusted


Any thoughts?  Is this in the works? 


Thank you.