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    Import List

      I have tried several times importing a list CSV with columns including:

      • 'Lead Owner Last Name' and 'Lead Owner First Name'
      • 'Last Name' and 'First Name'

      On Import I have chosen Marketo Fields: First Name and  Lead Owner First Name

      Nothing has allowed the first and last names to display

      I have tried so many times with matching and variations of Marketo suggested column names

      Job title and email display, but never first and last names

        • Re: Import List

          Lead Owner is an SFDC field and is blocked in Marketo. You cannot, nor should not, change it. You cannot "assign" leads in this method.


          Suggest you try

          • leveraging lead assignment rules
          • create a custom field that mimics LOEA and then checks that against the real LOEA to do the direct Change Owner assignment.
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