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Can I find previous email send data after an email is deleted?

Question asked by 3da7a7b6c49eddc29129195787560151073e28d7 on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by 3da7a7b6c49eddc29129195787560151073e28d7

I have a number of nested campaigns in engagement programs that send emails. Yesterday, I changed out some of the email templates and so when I deleted the previous versions of the emails, I lost the email reporting data from the prior sends. Ugh!


Can we recover the deleted emails so that I can have the reporting data back? Or is there a report that I am not seeing that will pull this information?


I did not remove the nested program from the stream, so I can see how many were sent in the last cast, and how many belong to the program, but I can't find a way to pull the email stats.


Why are we only warned if an email is in use before we can delete it? We should also be warned that there are stats associated with it and will be lost if we delete. Does anyone know if there's a current idea about this out there?