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Engagement program best practices for complex organization

Question asked by 4ca99616cbf678d31de52bd3f8072cfc050b8ec5 on Feb 2, 2017
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We have four "audience types" and four "personas" within each each audience type. Our company is also global. Our priority is customer retention.


To start our first engagement program, I proposed that we start with the US only, and focus on one audience type (brands). We're also tasked with sending retention/nurture content to brands in different verticals and, on top of that, we need to consider the personas (at different job levels). Does any Marketo veteran have a recommendation?


My ideas below:

  • Nest programs within the engagement program which will house all "evergreen" content
  • Within each program, write the evergreen content for three personas - C-suite, VP/Directors, default (anyone else) - and use one email with dynamic content for each audience segmentation
  • Create emails at the engagement program level for timely, "contextual" emails such as product announcements, seasonal campaigns, company awards, etc. (question - how do you track the opens, clicks if you're engagement program progressions are more big picture like MQC, Added to Opportunity, etc).
  • Create streams for the top 3 verticals and one generic stream for everyone else - will help us send seasonal campaigns to specific audiences


Is this crazy? Is this scalable? Thoughts?