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Using pURLs for batch or trigger campaigns

Question asked by 577501ff0e1ed4cf7467c114e6983c1c992dbf4f on Feb 1, 2017
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We have a big event coming up and what we want to do is send out mass emails to our target lists with pURLs to each lead/contact. I had tried creating a custom URL field and tested it for short urls (i.e., but we have lengthy URLs that we're using. Is there a way to successfully create pURLs for each lead in a massive list but have them shortened via a marketo url shortener or some kind of mass hyperlink (i.e. "click here")?


So for example, say we have 500 leads in one list. Each lead has a unique pURL.

So instead of, it will be

etc, etc.


We could do that with a custom field and a personalized token in the email, but the email string will be very long. How can we abbreviate this or shorten the url, or maybe convert it to a hyperlink for everyone (i.e. "click here")?


Hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated!!