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How to turn off Marketo activity in Salesforce chatter/latest updates only?

Question asked by 2f370d9865e8f8ac66448d477cfc75843af2d026 on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by e6615dd679b5dd0c3e60c20085706f392a9af2cb

We are new marketing automation users so our Salesforce users are seeing Marketo activity in SF for the first time and do not like how it is ‘cluttering up’ the latest updates sections in Chatter, on relationship records, and on contact records (screenshot below).  Can this be turned off in SF, and if so how?  We still want our 3 Marketo sync activities to appear (email sent, email opened, clicked link) in the Activity History section lower down on contact records though.