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Smart list: <attribute> contains = whole word ?

Question asked by b921eb7a0b0f1f503d15199b8a852ec0b47f3c9d on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by sanford.whiteman


I'm trying to build a smart list that captures contacts where a field contains specific words.

I want it to match whole words as opposed to just the characters.

an example would be: contains = mod (as a whole word)

so i wouldn't want it to return entries such as 'module'


More specifically, i'm setting up the Company Web Activity report.

i have a list of let's say our top 100 strategic accounts, and I want to monitor anonymous web activity.

So I need to set up a smart list that looks at the 'inferred company'

Lets say we want to track a company called Shire.

Inferred Company is = Shire wont work as we cannot preempt all the possible ways a company might appear (i.e. Shire UK , Shire US etc.)

The problem is that if there's inferred companies like Lancashire city council or Buckinghamshire etc. the smart list would pick these up too.

So unless there is a 'match whole word' condition we would have to monitor manually and add exclusions. And that's only one of 100+ companies... so doing it manually is quite a task.


Is there anyway to make this more intelligently?