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How long does your CRM take to sync to Marketo?

Question asked by 7528ce7b036000f99297fa26c726ecf791d2e76a on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by b9100d368b9cb63d98e9fd72f2988072f35431d3

Hey guys, new to Marketo, so I was wondering what people typically see for sync times between their CRM and Marketo. I ran a report for when a contact is created in CRM and then pushes to Marketo. These numbers are for only one of our nurturing tracks for January with close to 29k new contacts created, these are the delays I am seeing:


Under 3 Minutes: 0.1%

3-5min: 26%

5-10min: 13%

10-60min: 13%

1 - 2 hours: 14%

2 - 3 hours: 11%

3 or more hours: 22.10%


Does that seem ridiculous? I come from a Pardot/SFDC background and we would rarely see anything over 3min.