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Closed Lost Feedback Campaign

Question asked by 25773eaaf78875121973f2f6d9599956b171da6a on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by 25773eaaf78875121973f2f6d9599956b171da6a

I'd like to create a campaign that will send an email to leads once their account has been 'closed-lost' in SFDC, requesting their feedback on the process and why they chose not to go ahead.


I've created similar campaigns before but am having trouble with the trigger for this one.  I tried to use the 'Opportunity is Updated' trigger with the trigger attribute as 'Stage' and New Value as 'Closed - Lost' but when I test it, it doesn't work.


I've also tried the 'Data Value Changes' trigger with the attribute 'Stage' and even without specifying 'Closed Lost' this doesn't work either. We've double checked and the Stage field is definitely correctly mapped to SFDC.


Does anyone have any suggestions?