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Email Tracking Links Cause URL's to go to Fallback page

Question asked by d6cc54cfa2dc68d034a10c91757bfe9ff3f22240 on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by d6cc54cfa2dc68d034a10c91757bfe9ff3f22240

I am working on a recently migrated instance and am coming across an interesting problem. When I add the "track link" to the URL"s within an email, and send myself a test, the email links are going to the fall back page. However, when I remove the "track link" the URL's work perfectly fine. I ran a DNS/Domain/Cname test and everything looks okay, but I still feel this is a Cname issue. I am also experiencing an issue with the munchkin code. It is showing up on the website, but it is not firing when tested.


Has anyone experienced something like this before or has suggestions on additional testing or potential issues?