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API questions: Programs and Lead Activity

Question asked by dan.stevens Champion on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by sanford.whiteman

We're building out a data warehouse of lead activity that will be used for our dashboards/reports in Power BI.


QUESTION 1 (PROGRAMS): During our call today, we learned that the developers are having to make daily calls to pull all PROGRAMS into our DB.  I asked them why then aren't just grabbing new programs and appending them to a master Program table.  Then state that it's not possible.  While the GET programs call does return a "CreatedAt" date:


There's no way to make subsequent calls to only return those programs created since the last call (since there's no filter type to do so):


That makes no sense.  Are our developers looking at this the wrong way - and instead should be using another approach to get just new programs (rather than the entire list each day)?


QUESTION 2 (LEAD ACTIVITY): Ideally, we need to capture specific activity based on PROGRAM STATUS (and also attribute it to the appropriate PROGRAM).  For example, one of our metrics is to measure the number of RESPONSES/ENGAGEMENT (based on PROGRAM STATUS, eg., "fills out form", "engaged - downloaded", etc.) for each reporting period (daily, monthly, quarterly).  So we need to filter just that activity that contains any of the defined PROGRAM STATUSES.  What is the appropriate call(s) in order to grab something that ultimately looks like this (especially when ChannelID and/or ProgramID aren't included attributes)?:


ActivityID, LeadID, ProgramID, ProgramStatusID


The "GET Lead Activities" doesn't seem to contain all of these attributes - specifically the key attribute for us, PROGRAM STATUS.


Hopefully Sanford Whiteman (in addition to other API experts in the community) will provide some insight here.