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Marketo Asset Library

Question asked by 8c558068fa08b42e500c9942bd2d28fe90f0b380 on Jan 27, 2017
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Hi Everyone!


Wondering if anyone out there has run into this scenario and if so, what solutions were identified.


As a large company who implemented Marketo in the past 12 months we the volume of Programs and, more specifically, program assets is growing rapidly.  It is challenging for people who sit in different business units in the company to see what assets other groups have produced in the instance that they don't want to duplicate work and/or investigate if they can leverage programs that already exist.


Has anyone out there heard of a solution, either inside Marketo our outside Marketo, that would act like a "Marketo asset library".  Something of a content management system, expect instead of "content" its Assets the can be reviewed?


Any thoughts/direction would be great!