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How do I apply a token to an image?

Question asked by 35482927fcdc51c62c4d8dd2b8e9289f01e948de on Jan 27, 2017
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I am creating a signature snippet for my sales team.  I have tokens for their name, title, etc.  I want to include a 'schedule a call' image in the signature as well.  BUT, I want to link that image to the salesperson's Calendly account.  I'm trying to use the token {{lead.Lead Owner Calendly:default=edit me}} as a link for the image, but it's not letting me.  (I know I need to update the default value, but I need to solve this conundrum first.)  Obviously, each salesperson has a unique Calendly link and that is pulled into Marketo from the Lead object in SFDC.  How do I get the 'schedule a call' image to link to the individual salesperson's Calendly account without having to create a signature for each person?