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Unable to map custom CRM fields in Marketo webhook

Question asked by 3e8066bb66a91b314031f7a476a529500a6f8d7d on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by 598b656eb8fa8ed8030f6743a8e0699ca38309fb

I'm implementing ZoomInfo and creating a webhook to map the ZoomInfo data to the fields we've created i.e "ZI First Name" so we don't override the data they have inputted themselves in the form. Since you cannot create CRM fields through Marketo, we created them in CRM in the only way possible which is as a custom field. When I set up the webhook, it will only map to standard lead fields and the custom fields we created, although synced, will not pull up as an option. Does anyone know of a work around? It seems this integration works better with Salesforce than CRM and the help document ZoomInfo links to is for Salesforce integration. The CRM integration documentation doesn't exist yet, so I'm hoping I didn't buy a product that doesn't work with CRM!