For anyone that isn't using Online Support yet

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When Marketo introduced online support as an initial triage I was a little bit reluctant to try it out. It's not the first time I've moved into a "low-touch" support funnel and I was skeptical that it was a cost saving measure.


I could not have been more wrong


I'd like to share my experience with the online support team and why I'm going to be going back there any time I need to talk to support.


Friday morning, major issue, think - the outer egde of P2, not quite production down, but if it continued for another day or so it would certainly start to be very problematic.


Jumped on the chat and Samuel was the first responder (Samual I believe is part of the APAC support team), after the niceties and him asking how my day was to which I replied with the traditional "well I'm talking to support so..." his only response was "Well let me help make your day great!".

Win #1 - Sam's genuine comment and clever response immediately had me calm and reduced all the "support stress"

Samuel quickly and efficiently collected the case details, triaged it and upon hearing my repeated concerns as to the urgency of the problem reached out to the on call support manager who happened to be from EMEA.

Win #2 - At no point did anyone mention that they had to cross regional hierarchies and speak to additional teams - Sam owned the problem and moved resources behind the scenes so that my only experience was that I'm being taken care of

The manager on call in EMEA immediately assigned the issue to a support engineer (Albert in EMEA) who investigated, and resolved the issue, within an incredibly short amount of time.

Win #3 - Communication was constant and I was kept informed at all times of where things were

As soon as Albert (the support engineer had taken over the case) I received a follow up email from Sam (the original chat support agent) informing me that Albert was looking into the case and maintainnig the unbroken chain of communication.

Win #4 - Throughout the entire process I knew my point of contact, and they had taken personal accountability for seeing the resolution through


Sam's final comment really summed the whole thing up "I told you I'd make your day great"


PS - This is a process that I've seen the Tier 1 support reps following recently, and it created an equally amazing response working with the support teams on the phone and in person.


Louiza Roger