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    Facebook Atlas tagging issue - help please!

      Hi community!


      We are trying to implement an Atlas dynamic tag within our Marketo assets (specifically eDMs) so we can track user registered opens and clicks.


      Atlas dynamic tracking tags are macro-enabled to streamline campaign creation and tagging setup to align with Atlas measurement. This enables us to leverage the macros in platforms ((in this case Marketo) outside of Atlas to avoid creating create a large of amount of Atlas tracking tags. Instead, the values generated from these macros are sent directly in the Atlas view and click tags and Atlas will automatically store and report out on all the different combinations of values passed to Atlas.


      In terms of macros for Marketo, we’ve identified we can potentially use the Marketo tokens as the macros and input them into the code. The first token we’ve used is the program.id token using the label: {{program.id:default=edit me}}


      As a test, we used this program token and put it into an Atlas view tag and then placed the code into an email template in the hope it would fire an open or a ‘view’ in Atlas, unfortunately this hasn’t worked and we’re currently going back and forth with Atlas to identify the issue, but aren't getting anywhere.


      The question now is, has anyone tried to implement an Atlas dynamic tracking tag or any dynamic tracking tag which uses the marketo tokens into an email template?  And if so, is there any insight you could please give us on what we might be doing wrong?


      Below is a link of the tag used : https://ad.atdmt.com/i/img;adv=11232200877684;ec=11232200918161;c.a={{program.id:default=editme}};s.a={{program.id:default=editme}};p.a={{program.id:default=editme}};as.a={{program.id:default=editme}};a.a={{program.id:default=editme}};



      I have also attached screenshots from Atlas’s guide to creating these tags in external profiles.


      Many thanks


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          Almost everyone uses tokens in links (for example, UTM parameters stored in a {{my.token}}).  So there's not any known bug there or anything.


          You'll have to provide more information about the email HTML, as well as how it is output (rendered) when the email is sent out. This link should appear as the src of an <IMG> tag. Is that what you're doing?  Can you show us the part of your email/template where you're embedding this? You could also send me one of these emails and I'll look at the rendered output.

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              Thanks Sanford! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, but really appreciate the response. I will forward the test email with the code we have used to the address you provided, hopefully that might shed some light on the issue.


              After talks with Atlas we’ve uncovered that the values are indeed flowing through however they are flowing through with the token parentheses still attached. For example:


              Originally we provided this tag: https://ad.atdmt.com/i/img;adv=11232200877684;ec=11232200918161;c.a={{program.id:default=editme}};s.a={{program.id:default=editme}};p.a={{program.id:default=editme}};as.a={{program.id:default=editme}};a.a={{program.id:default=editme}};

              After implementation the tag became: https://ad.atdmt.com/i/img;adv=11232200877684;ec=11232200918161;c.a={{EMAILTEST2}};s.a={{EBP1025A1}};p.a={{EBP1025A1}};as.a={{EBP1025A1}};a.a={{EBP1025A1}};

              It seems to be the case that program.id:default=editme became EBP1025A1 but the braces remained evaluated.


              Basically, {{ }} should only be used if the third party supports this in the macros. But when the tag finals off, the final result should not contain {{ }}. Example: "{{macro}}" should evaluate to "value" and not "{{value}}". Atlas recommended we remove the braces because they suspected that Marketo didn’t support them in their macros / tokens. However, we know this is not the case and that they are supported by Marketo.

              The good news is that we know that the tag is firing through an email open, however now the main issue is to get this tag to run dynamically through the use of the tokens without the paretheses, as Atlas doesn't recognise the returned values if they are encased in the brackets.


              If you have any suggestions or help you can give us it would be much appreciated. We aren't coders, and haven't been able to get any useful help from Facebook or Marketo at all - this is a final hurdle and we just can't seem to get past it!


              Many thanks


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              Tagging is now complete - a huge thank you to Sanford for helping us with this process, we couldn't have done it without you!


              We managed to implement the {{program.id}} token in the code and get it firing which was fantastic. The biggest challenge for us was the tracking code, and the fact that Marketo was re-writing it to go via the Marketo server. Sanford's solution was to insert the tag to be the src= of the HTML <IMG>, not the HREF= of an HTML <A>. Bingo!


              We now have active, tested and working ATLAS code which we are implementing across multiple, happy clients. Thanks so much @Sanford Whiteman!