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Engagement Program Content and Skipping Programs

Question asked by 68db69ac4282c19a65d7045150cf4d09b86baf45 Champion on Jan 26, 2017
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I'm setting up a new engagement program with child programs instead of emails as the base. One of the sub-programs contains an email about Product A. I want to exclude anyone who has purchased Product A within the past 7 days (we have a date field Last Product A Purchase Date). I'm familiar with the way engagement programs handle filters in smart campaigns and we have a system for permanent exclusion rules from specific programs. However in this particular case, I'd like two things to happen for any leads who don't qualify for the Product A when they initially reach that point in the stream:

1. Lead moves on to the next program in the stream so they don't go a week without receiving anything

2. Lead continues down the engagement stream until he/she has gone more than 7 days without purchasing Product A, at which time the next cast of the program would send them through the Product A content program


So if I add the "Last Product A Purchase Date is not in the past 7 days" filter to the smart campaign I drag into my stream, it seems that #1 above will not work, but if I make the leads members of my Product A program ahead of time to exclude them, they won't qualify later for #2 above.


The only solution I've come up with so far is to add the leads to the program when they purchase Product A but then remove them 7 days later after a wait step. I don't really like this idea as it's possible leads will purchase Product A multiple times in the 7 day period and I don't want to mess with that. Do you guys have any better ideas? Thanks!