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NetSuite Interesting Moments and Marketo Form Submissions

Question asked by 1dcd8bb73ffdc5eaae07d8360eff9d02e60356fc on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by 4cb394d06ffee561756d80f935e3dd73cb89f1c7

Currently on NetSuite, in the Marketo tab syncs with the lead's Interesting Moments. One of these moments is when they will visit a page and fills out a Marketo form.


Is there a way to sync the contents of what they filled out in the form to the lead record/interesting moment on NetSuite?


Also is there a way to automatically create a record of the work flow for this task on NetSuite or edit the existing "Marketo Activity" for this moment to log the progression of this task?


Would anything have to be changed in the Marketo form in order for NetSuite to be able to capture this information?