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Text to image ratio and deliverability - help!

Question asked by 4fb5c4effadd5c4a9db4fcece142b0356c8eecf8 on Jan 26, 2017



We have always had great deliverability with the nurture email shown below. Comes the new year, we are now getting marked as spam from several ISPs. I drilled this down to Cloudmark flagging us as spam and it seems to only be with emails that have a low text to image ratio. Even this email below, that showed 96% inbox in deliverability and a pass from Cloudmark before the new year - now all other spam companies give us a pass, except Cloudmark (who works with several ISPs) - where deliverability dropped to about 60%.


Any ideas on how to rework this email to help with getting past Cloudmark - besides adding more copy? (not need in footer - social buttons and our logo again). I tried slicing images in half but this did not do anything. Does text to image go by number of images or size of imagery compared to text?


Right now - banner, footer, body image, logo, and social buttons are images - which will pass all spam filter companies except Cloudmark.