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Using SFDC Customizable Campaign Influence Feature?

Question asked by e8138b8e20eb48ab8c495c5053d6fe1aa2b83df8 on Jan 25, 2017

Hi Marketo Nation,


Looking for feedback or insight on the new feature in SFDC "Customizable Campaign Influence"


SFDC Customizable Campaign Influence Release Notes


This looks very cool to me because Sales and BI teams are always entrenched in SFDC so reports and insights created in Marketo (including the Marketo Campaign Influence Analyzer) are not given a chance. But this tool seems to achieve the same goal if not more and since its in SFDC it will be adopted by leadership much quicker.


My first question is, Does it work? Has anyone started to use the feature yet and any insights to share???



Thanks, I hope to use this functionality and your wisdom to make wiser Marketing movements.