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Tracking a PDF link on a landing page after filling out a form

Question asked by 66f88ad3ba422751ca1424e8aa48d84dd7767b89 on Jan 25, 2017
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I created a form to obtain new leads for those interested in white paper. Once the client fills out the form, it goes to a thank you page with a link. That link is the white paper PDF. I am looking to send an email to the client 3 days after they click on the PDF link. In my campaign smart list, I have tried adding the following:


Trigger: "Visits Web page"

Trigger: "Clicks link on web page"

Filter: "Visited web page"


I receive an error every time I add either my Marketo l.p. URL or the PDF url saying it is an invalid URL. I know I can send an email once the form has been filled out, however we are asking for feedback once they actually review the PDF. How do I capture those who clicked on the PDF link on the Thank You L.P after they filled out the form?


All documentation is without a form--that I can find. Any help is appreciated.