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Building a Subscription Management Center

Question asked by 1076cb5e3ff85b596483fdc2c95b3300f0e795dd on Jan 24, 2017
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Hi there,


I have watched the Marketo video on setting up subscription management and read a lot of resources on it, but my organization is looking to set up subscriptions differently. For example, we have 5 different newsletter subscriptions available (one per audience type), but we don't want anyone subscribing to more than one of the 5. So we have radio buttons set up on the same field so that only one option is selectable. I also have it set up so that each radio button option has a flow action that places the person on a list (these lists will be used for lead nurturing per audience type as well as the general subscription option they choose).


The problem I'm running into is if a person subscribes to one subscription (HR resources for example) and then goes back another day in the future and changes subscription preferences (wants to get events related resources and not HR anymore) they are not removed from the first list, only added to the new list. How do I set up flow actions to get a person so they are only on the lists they most recently subscribed to?


I have it where getting people who unsubscribe off the lists is easy to do. It's just people who change subscriptions, but do not unsubscribe, that are the issue.


I've read about possibly using Salesforce campaigns to place leads on and off of subscriptions, but we don't want to do that if there is another simpler way to manage it. An example of the subscription management form I'm looking to use is attached for reference. Any ideas? Thanks!