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    Pushing existing leads in-flow to new nested programs in Engagement Streams



      While updating an engagement program to use nested programs within streams instead of assets, we're using the following approach to consider leads already in-flow to fall into new programs,


      Corresponding to Email A, we have created a Program A, where we have moved Email A and tied the send to a campaign - similarly updated rest (B,C,D,E) The leads who in previous cast received Email B, should now get Email C but not by the direct reference of Asset (Email C) in Stream, but via the new Program - Program C. Similar need for rest of the assets. We're placing the Programs (B,C,D,E) next to the Emails in sequence (snapshot) and plan to deactivate the Assets, after first cast with Programs and Emails both activated.

      Stream 1.jpg


      Would like to hear thoughts or any caveats/suggestions for this approach - or if there's a better way of doing this?




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          Hey Balkar, this seems unnecessarily complicated as an Engagement Program, if you're just daisy chaining all of these campaigns together via the previous email. Every cast (Monday at 7am), the next email will go out assuming that a person is still a member of the EP with a normal cadence. You can't tie their eligibility for that cast to the previous program. The only exception to this would be if you're pausing someone in the prior program, and they have to action something in order to become unpaused.


          It's also possible that I'm totally misunderstanding the way that you're setting this up here, because the idea of "deactivate the Assets, after first case with Programs and Emails both activated" really doesn't make sense with the screenshot. Maybe you could clarify?

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              Hi Dory,


              Thanks for the reply. To clarify, I assume normal cadence would prioritize content as per sequence. Previously, there were just emails within the stream, however, the previous leads will follow the normal cadence and get email as per the previous setup (if I don't update the sequence)

              The new "normal" cadence for a lead after the changes (as per screenshot) would be to get emails via nested programs, rather than direct email (where the type of content = Email, rather than the program) - Besides, if we just leave the previous content (Type = Email) at bottom of the stream, and add the new program type content above - we'll be fine with new leads - however, what if we want to make a quick switch to program types, instead of waiting till the leads have exhausted content.