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Marketo token, Date and Time incorrect in Confirmation Email

Question asked by fcaf0f8ba6853945991d245a1e92b610cb307370 on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by 44fd70dbab3aa0e4c6f496d0cfa8e456667eb3fd

Hi everyone,


I am having an issue with a Marketo token for date and time. I do not know why but the token "Appointment Date and Time: {{lead.Appointment Date Time:default=edit me}} Eastern Time Zone" pulls in the time 6 hours later than the actual time, when sent as a thank you email. We should be in NY EST but it's always 6 hours ahead. Is there a reason for this, is the Marketo time messing up the appointment confirmation?

Also, the time does not display AM or PM. Is there a way to fix this too?


If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate this.