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Keeping Track Of A/B Test Results

Question asked by 9d286d6b9112d1223f9db15fda3fbae90cbf77fb on Jan 24, 2017
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I need to do a better job tracking and getting long-term insights from all A/B tests. With that in mind, does anyone have a method/template that they use to track and analyze A/B tests?


I envision creating an Excel template with different columns such as:


Asset Type Tested: Email

Type of Test: Whole Emails

Date of Test: 1/24/17

Time of Test: 6:00 pm EST

Variable Tested: Button Color

Variables: Red Button Vs. Blue Button

Winning Criteria: Clicks

Test Results: Red button scored better

Variable 1 Results: Red had X clicks

Variable 2 Results: Blue had X results

Additional Comments: ....................


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is there a better way to manage A/B test insights? Are there other things I should be tracking? Any insights are appreciated!