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Restrict Free Email for Form Submission

Question asked by 19a21cff4515dc5b3226bb30cd384c21ee0122e4 on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by sanford.whiteman

Hi, I have found the javascript provided on the Marketo Developer documentation about restricting free email(like, etc.) upon form submission. However, when I inserted the script before the end of head card, and tested the form, it didn't work as it should.

Can someone let me know where I did wrong, the place I inserted the code, or I need to clear up the form CSS custom code?(which I did, but still didn't work) or something else?

Thank you!

Here's the script:

(function (){
  // Please include the email domains you would like to block in this list
  var invalidDomains = ["@gmail.","@yahoo.","@hotmail.","@live.","@aol.","@outlook."];
  MktoForms2.whenReady(function (form){
   var email = form.vals().Email;
   if(!isEmailGood(email)) {
   var emailElem = form.getFormElem().find("#Email");
   form.showErrorMessage("Must be Business email.", emailElem);
  function isEmailGood(email) {
   for(var i=0; i < invalidDomains.length; i++) {
   var domain = invalidDomains[i];
   if (email.indexOf(domain) != -1) {
   return false;
   return true;

Here's the source I get the code from:

Here's the test landing page and form:


Appreciated any feedback!