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Submitting Lead through API, Can I set the Source or Reason?

Question asked by 83982ac1397be23235f39ba641506367f9a992ea on Jan 23, 2017
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When we submit an upsert change through the REST API, is it possible to attach a custom Source or Reason with the event?



Normally, after I submit a change, I can see the updated field in that Lead's activity list, it shows the old value, the new value, the time of the change, a Source, and a Reason.


If I log into Marketo and update a Lead by hand, the activity gets a Source of "Person update" and a Reason of "Manual person edit"

If I go through the API, both fields get set to "Web service API"


Could I have my API call save a reason like "My First API Application"!/Leads/syncLeadUsingPOST