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Using SFDC Custom Object to Build SmartList - not working

Question asked by d41494942d12215dceb266bc3d74e7ca6bda87bd on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by d41494942d12215dceb266bc3d74e7ca6bda87bd

I have added the Asset object as it relates to the SFDC Account object to our synch. (Called Account Asset under Salesforce Objects). I have also created a smartlist  that for starters I am asking to return all leads that have an Asset associated with the account (i.e. HAs Account Asset equals true). The SmartList returns no records while there are clearly records in our SFDC with assets.


Have I missed something?  From what I have read in other discussions using a Smartlist is the only way to verify if your custom object information is getting synched.