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My Marketo wait step mysteriously doubled. Why?

Question asked by acffbf54f69938a64a789e1c2ede9deb2ef74d0f on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by 33a85b9341b5620508aec56163e468ce41362ce7

Hey there,


I've a mystery problem, maybe you can help.  I created a fairly simple smart campaign for triggered email nurturing that looks like this:

Send email 1 --> wait 23 days  --> send email 2 --> wait 7 days --> send email 3 (end)


Looks great - launch! BUT a few months after launch I notice that for about a month the 23 day wait step had been doubled to 46 days.


Ohgodwhy. I quickly look at the smart campaign to make sure it was set up correctly with a 23 day wait period and it's all good. I see that the wait period went back to a normal 23 days - at least that's good. This particularly sucks because this nurturing sequence was for a free trial which included time-bound email like "7 days left on your free trial" so the timing was definitely way off because of this "glitch". It also affected about 10,000 lead. Ouch.

Why did my wait period mysteriously double?


I'll take any insight. This can't happen again.