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New e-mail editor very SLOW

Question asked by 3016bb3fea1eaa19c21078144d634a2d1ce6ada5 on Jan 23, 2017
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I had really high expectations to Marketo's new e-mail editor, after they announce they would launch it. But unfortunately, it does not live up to my expectation, at all.

Every time I want to drag a new element, the loading time is average 20 second before it get displayed in the e-mail. Furthermore, if I then want to drag a new element, it will not drop in the space I want it to.


When it comes to changing the order of elements, the first change is working, but the second or third element is not getting placed where it supposed to be.


And if you are working with local variables in your e-mail, you will also discover the editor working very slow. Also when it comes to changing the text in the element, the loading time is 10-15 seconds. Hmm….


I have been working with a lot of different e-mail editors from other companies, and Marketo is by far the slowest. The loading time should be 0, when you drag elements into the e-mail, or when you want to change the order or changing the text.


In a company where you are working with newsletters and programs every day, it is really time consuming when the editor loading time is average 20-30 seconds every time you want to change something.


I really hope Marketo will improve this in the very near future, in order for them to live up to their high standard. Apart from all the above stuff, Marketo is a very powerfull marketing tool.