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Enquiries on Marketo Calendar and Events

Question asked by 64e62b0905133162bdb7018ea873720360e4041e on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by 64e62b0905133162bdb7018ea873720360e4041e

I saw some docs on Marketo's Marketing Calendar and Events feature.



If I am looking at planning a long-term engagement and recruitment campaign. Can the Marketing Calendar in Marketo support in planning ahead for my campaign? For instance, just blocking out a date for a tentative email campaign or blocking out a week for a TV commercial (not tracked on Marketo).


Can the Marketing Calendar support collaborative planning, such as discussion on the planned/created marketing activity, and assignment of tasks to members of the team?


Also, are all Marketo instances supported with the 'Events' feature? I can't seem to create any program with that objective.


Look forward to hearing from anyone...