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Sync Fields from Cvent > Marketo > Salesforce

Question asked by ec7c17b9459aa9c04ed5a8b1f3423313e7be27fa on Jan 18, 2017
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Looking for solutions to sync multiple reoccurring conference fields from Cvent to Marketo to Salesforce, without creating lots of new fields in each platform. Currently, the following fields exist in each platform:


Cvent MarketoSalesforce
Event nameEvent name (build)
Registration typeRegistration type(build)
Event date(build)(build)


How could I communicate from Cvent to Marketo, updating the existing field each time a lead registers, but when synced to Salesforce, create an activity log (so info is not replaced, rather added onto)? The sales team needs to be able to see in Salesforce a list of all conferences a lead has participated in, not just most recent.