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Token for Requesting Campaign

Question asked by 8fc1b80bdc91c77994ddafd2658e5392d4cc338c on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by dan.stevens

I'd like to consolidate some of our flows and I wonder if there is a token to get the original campaign/program name that is requesting a campaign.


For example:

- "Demo Request" campaign flow requests the "Send Lead Alert Email" campaign. Ideally our team would get an email with "Demo Request" as the subject, sent from the "Send Lead Alert Email" campaign flow.

- "Webinar Registration" campaign flow requests the same "Send Lead Alert Email" campaign but alert email subject is "Webinar Registration".


I have tried several of the trigger tokens and everything seems to be connected to the requested campaign, not the campaign requesting the action.


Any ideas to do this without having multiple send email campaigns and email templates? Thanks in advance!