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Field Mappings Don't Match Marketo Fields?

Question asked by 0794791e5308b683611472c7c4ad130620cc350b Champion on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by 0794791e5308b683611472c7c4ad130620cc350b

Has anyone run into an issue where, when exporting your field mappings, the resulting downloaded fields don't match what's in Marketo's Field Management tab?


For example, we updated the 16 SFDC fields to read mkto17_ as opposed to mkto2_ months ago. If I go into the actual field in Marketo, these are mapped properly. But if I download the Field Mappings spreadsheet, they're still reading as being mapped to mkto2_.


This is happening across several instances, so it's not specific to just one. It's making it difficult to diagnose data inconsistencies/if any fields should be merged because some appear on the spreadsheet and others don't.


Any ideas?