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Marketo form intermittently not working

Question asked by ef807df3cd219a3f6eeaf472a80402200417d303 on Jan 18, 2017
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I've sent an email blast with an event invite. Within the email is the link to a registration landing page, with a Marketo form. I've tested using different browsers, however one of our customers (who is not a lead in Marketo) had the email forwarded to him and has not been able to register. When he hits submit it doesn't do anything.


Different people have performed the following tests:


bluesource User 1

Andrew received the email to his laptop as a sample that I sent from Marketo, but he’s not in Marketo as a ‘Lead’

He clicked through using the email which took him to the landing page using Edge

He wasn’t recognised so filled his details in and hit submit

Nothing happened, didn’t even look like the page started to think or anything

Bluesource company internet


Bluesource User 2

James received the email as a forward from me, he’s not in Marketo as a ‘Lead’

He clicked through to the landing page using Chrome

He filled the form out and hit submit

He successfully went to the TYP and got the email

Bluesource company internet


Jo C - Marketo Admin

Tested in Chrome, using bluesource internet, clicked through from sample email I sent myself, filled (wasn't pre-filled) form, and all worked

Same again incognito in Chrome, and all good

Tested in Edge, all good

Bluesource company internet

Tested on my iPhone using 4G internet, using link from Marketo I sent to my personal email, using safari, and not working - says 'please wait' like its thinking but then doesn't go to Thank You page.



Mark received the email as a forward from Chris B, he’s not in Marketo as a ‘Lead’

He clicked through to the landing page, filled the form, submitted and nothing happened

Customer's internet


Any ideas why it's working for some and not for others?


Link is