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How to manage Outlook's "Follow Up Required" feature?

Question asked by 021df2b6481e0b9d584250e457525b68ff76fbf1 on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by sanford.whiteman

I want to double check something with the community regarding a complaint we received.

Someone replied to our email blast with: "While I find your emails somewhat informative, I do not want ANY emails that specify a “follow up” in outlook.  It is not up to you to prescribe any follow ups for subscribers. If this happens again I will terminate my subscription and tell others here what I think of this bad practice"

I think this issue is not something we can change, and that 'followup' marking does not come from us. I think it's happening because Outlook deciding that the email is not Spam, and is coming from a trusted sender. Right? So that seems like a good thing for our email deliverability. But of course we don't want our customers to be angry either.


Any suggestions how to reply to something like this? Am I missing something?