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Pausing then unpausing within nurture program

Question asked by 8fce82816116493d28cb96a93f237625b6de148f on Jan 16, 2017
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We have a nurture program set up which adds leads to the program based on a number of criteria, one of which is they have had no Activity Logged or Updated in the previous 10 days.


I have then setup a separate campaign which pauses the lead from receiving the emails from the nurture program if they have had Activity Logged or Updated in the previous 10 days. The basis is that if a BDM has contacted the leads via phone or email (which should be logged in Salesforce), we don't want them to receive the auto email. We then want to them continue receiving the emails if they then don't have Activity Logged or Updated for 10 days.


My question is, what is the best way to unpause them i.e return them to normal cadence so they can continue receiving the emails in the stream. Do I need to create a separate 'Unpause' campaign or can I add the 'Return to Normal Cadence' step to the original campaign which added them in the first place.

I want to ensure that the emails the lead receives kicks off from where they left off i.e if they have received emails 1,2,3 I want them to receive email 4,5,6 etc.