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what to include in a PR Program?

Question asked by c439c814a61ee25725996d5d5481f059b1779be6 on Jan 18, 2017
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Hi all,


I would like to get a better insight into how our PR efforts are translating into pipeline but I'm unsure how a Program to capture this would look like in Marketo. I understand the basics such as adding utm parameters to links we send out in our press releases and guest articles but I was hoping something more substantial is possible. For example, is there a way to capture web referral traffic from press outlets that wrote about us and add these visitors to the PR Program in Marketo (this would probably need an enormous list of potential outlets?)? Or would the best bet be to try to make a comprehensive list of partners that send us traffic and categorize all web traffic that does not come from partners as PR related?


Appreciate any suggestions.