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Follow-Ups to MSI Email Activities

Question asked by 0794791e5308b683611472c7c4ad130620cc350b Champion on Jan 11, 2017
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Hi, all!


I have a sales team who wants to:

  1. View individual lead/contact activity on an MSI email (easy enough in MSI itself)
  2. Send follow-up MSI emails to those people in a batch based on their activity (opened, clicked, etc - not easy enough)


What's the best way to somewhat automate this process? As it stands, the sales rep has to create a view of their leads to send multiple MSI emails, and then repeat the process for contacts. A bit cumbersome, but not a huge deal. Now, they'd like to collect everyone who performed an action in a view so they can send follow-up emails to them. It seems like that should be easy enough, but I'm stumped on a way to do so that doesn't become a manual burden to either the Marketingor Sales teams.


One workaround I've been tinkering with is to add anyone who performs an action to an SFDC campaign, and then the sales team can create a view of those campaign members to follow up with. I see this getting complicated if they're sending multiple emails, especially since they'd - again - have to create views for both leads and contacts - but I may be overthinking it.


I was mostly hoping I could set the Sales Email reports in analytics to display who performed the action, but that doesn't appear to be the case.


Any other ideas?