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Salesforce Activity Sync: Help with Sales Emails VS. Marketo Send

Question asked by e17b69d1456de0e83e387b703019e4b53b68ad34 on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by e17b69d1456de0e83e387b703019e4b53b68ad34

Hey Community I need some insight.


Currently our Sales Dev Reps have access to a new marketo multiple email program titled "SDRs"  via Marketo Sales insight on the lead record (see pic 1 below). The program houses several pre-tokenized emails that they can customize within salesforce and send to prospects individually. I am in the testing phase and running into road blocks. One of the SDR's KPI's is how much email outreach they do, which gets logged and is mapped in the activity history field on the salesforce record (see picture 2 below. )


When using the sales insight marketo send email functionality, the activity is not being logged as a "Sales Send Email" under activity. I do have this mapped on the salesforce object sync (see pic 3). Why isn't it showing up? Also, if you answer is " because you do not have "email sent" checked off, the reason there is that when we had this checked ALL of marketing emails were populating that field and SDR's were getting counted for that activity, even though they were marketing sends. So we removed it. IS there a way to map sales email sent via the marketo send templates? What is a best practice here????